Hi Folks,An outstanding video doc of our efforts 4/24, at the infamous Settling Pond and Basin adjacent to Roche Bros. Plaza.  Many thanks to Marilyn and Dan Brielman (who do the amazing work on the e-Awakenings Documentaries), plus event photographer Buz Bragdon (one of my dedicated BHLF Trail Buddies), the hard work of the folks from CA Technologies (Framingham), and several BHLF Volunteers and neighbors here in West Natick.  I'd also like to thank Nicholas Jenkins, from Dunkin Donuts, and Marvin Hammett, from Natick Home Depot, for their continued support and donations.  The video and photos do an excellent job of capturing how we're trying to heal the earth and give back to our community.  Sadly it also captures the devastating effect of our modern way of life (the plague of hyper consumption, single use plastics, disconnected / miseducated people who trash our neighborhoods and streams), plus the massive pollution of storm water here at the headwaters of the Lake Cochituate system, which drains 17 square miles of some of the most highly developed land in Metrowest.  Check out the color of that water I'm through which I'm wading.  Imagine for a moment: the dissolved salts, gasoline, oils, fertilizers, nitrogen, phosphates all running down Beaver Dam Brook right into Lake Cochituate.  Time to get working on this too.  Check the link: http://e-awakening.com/www.e-awakening.com/Recent_Feature_Videos.html--Pat


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