Billy the Dog Finally Home

With many Natick residents on the lookout trying to help bring him home, newly adopted dog braved the elements for nearly a month before finally arriving home this morning.

Shy and timid after living at one point in his life in what were no the best conditions, Billy, an adult male lab mix, finally arrived in Natick to a new family after spending the last six years in foster care.

One day Billy ran out of the house and bolted out of the yard, and for nearly a month Natick residents have been posting sightings on a few different announcements here on Natick Patch to help his new owners find him.

This morning Billy showed up at his owner's home at around 5 a.m., giving a happy ending to this story that had attracted so much attention from the community.

Linda Faber, who helped bring Billy to Natick, wrote this in an email:

"Billy is finally home everyone! This morning at 5am, Agnes [Billy's owner] got a call that he was on her street. She went outside and played the recorded voice of his foster mom of six years from Louisiana calling out his name and he came running. He is a little thinner than when he left, but is fine and relaxing on the couch where it's nice and warm. Thank you everyone who helped with the sightings and trying to bring Billy home. The town of Natick rocks! The best part is that Billy gets to see his fostermom today. What a perfect ending to this story!"

Chrissy Dempsey Poulack January 03, 2013 at 05:14 PM
Thrilled to hear this wonderful news!!!
Bill McGinley January 13, 2013 at 04:01 PM
It would be really nice if the owner would now remove all of the flyers posted around north/east Natick and Wethersfield.


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