Children's Librarian Shares 30 Years of Smiles

Dale Smith has been helping children learn to love reading at the Morse Institute Library for decades.


Dale Smith has spent her entire career making children smile. Smith, the Supervisor of the Children’s Department at the , has always been a children’s librarian and will always love it.

“Prior to coming to [the Morse Institute Library], I worked on a book mobile in upstate New York,” Smith said. “ I came here 30 years ago, and I’ve never looked back.”

Smith said she loves everything about being a librarian from running programs, to helping people find whatever it is they may be seeking.

“Nowadays, everyone has access to a computer,” Smith said. “But I believe libraries will always exist because we have access to information that you cannot find on the Internet. Libraries purchase and provide data bases that are not accessible via the Web.”

Despite the advent of technology like Sony Readers and Kindles, Smith believes wholeheartedly that books will always be in demand.

“We cannot assume that everyone has the means to buy books,” Smith said. “Even with the electronic devices, many people still have questions. We often see people around the holidays who have received devices and have no idea how to use them. We can help with that. We teach both how to use the device and how to download books to it.”

Smith also notes that librarians offer many personal services from helping with research to teaching how to write a better resume. They can also help to model behaviors for use in both an interview or daily life.

“Children’s librarians run many programs, including story time,” Smith said. “We are modeling for moms and dads how to read a book to their child and how to use finger play.”

The Children’s Department of Morse Institute offers weekly, bi-weekly or monthly programming that incorporates literature, finger play, crafts, movement and other activities.

“We run morning programs around 10:30 for the younger set,” Smith said. “The older kids come in after school or during vacations for programs.”

One of the many things that Smith does in the course of her day is keep the library a safe place for all children. No one works with children without a Criminal Offender Record Information check.

Smith, herself, holds a Master’s degree in library science and notes that you must hold such a degree to be in her position.

“There are; however, several other jobs that one can do in a library that don’t require a master’s degree,” she said.

Smith, who loves to read, doesn’t get the time to read at work.

“Rarely do I get a chance to read at work,” Smith said. “You must have a love of people to do this job as you never know who will walk in asking for help with what.”

Smith is most appreciative of the wonderful new building she works in.

“We are so appreciative of the community support,” Smith said. “A day never goes by that we take what we have for granted especially in light of what other communities are going through.”

If you would like to learn more about being a librarian or about many of the research or program opportunities available through the library, pop in or check out the .


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