Natick Mom Needs Help with Medical Bills

In early June, Susan Lane of Flowers By The Depot in Natick, suddenly contracted a severe case of bacterial meningitis from the perfect storm combination of anaplasmosis from an infected tick bite combining with an undiagnosed case of strep pneumonia. 
A week into her illness it was doubtful she would survive - Susan has suffered renal failure and heart failure, and as of June 13, is still on dialysis and facing massive kidney failure - but miraculously she has pulled through.
Both of her legs are due to be amputated shortly (in a surgery scheduled for June 18).  
Since his mother fell ill, her son Jay has been running their family business of 17 years, Flowers By The Depot in Natick, by himself. The situation is overwhelming to say the least and Susan and Jay very much need the support of our community to pull through this tragic and unexpected turn of events.
Prayers, donations, patronage of the flower shop, kind words, a listening ear - whatever you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  
Susan will likely be in the hospital and in rehab for many months to come, so please continue to check in with Jay and see what their needs are in the weeks and months to come.
To make a donation, click the GoFundMe.com link here.


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