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Natick Residents Show Support for Newtown with Candlelight Vigil

Residents filled Natick Common on Saturday evening to show support for victims of the school shooting that took place on Friday in Newtown, CT.


The following was submitted by Natick resident Christine Guthery:

On Saturday night the Natick Common was filled with Natick residents in a candlelight vigil to show support for the people of Newtown, Connecticut. The vigil was organized by Natick parents, including Sam and Kathleen Lynch Moncata. Members of the community brought their own candles and gathered in the town center. As they came together, neighbors and friends spoke, hugged and shared their feelings of grief and support for the families in Newtown.  

Paul Joseph, Chair of the Natick Board of Selectmen, began the gathering by saying a few words about the significance of the turnout and the importance of coming together as community. Then, participants, who were Natick residents of all ages, began to proceed in a path around the common in silent support of the people of Newtown.  The Fire Department was on hand to ensure the safety of residents during the candlelit procession.

The gathering ended with words and prayers. Rev. Jon Strand of St. Paul's Episcopal Church recognized the children and families in the Newtown tragedy. Rev. Strand, Rev. Ian Mevorach of Natick First Baptist Church, and others also acknowledged the first responders, parents and teachers who responded with such bravery and kindness. Residents voiced their individual prayers for the people of Newtown. Many neighbors spoke about the importance of standing together in times of tragedy, so that people never feel alone. The evening disbanded as candles were extinguished, but vows were made to continue the discussion and the support for the people of Newtown.


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