Which Massachusetts Community Got the Most Rain on the Fourth of July?

While some areas saw major street flooding, other parts of Massachusetts escaped with an inch of rain or less.

The heavy rains that fell on the Fourth of July are now a memory and Hurricane Arthur has moved on.

The torrential rains flooded roads in southeastern Massachusetts, while other areas didn't get quite the rainfall that was expected. 

Which communities were hit hardest? 

New Bedford hit the jackpot for most rainfall from the Fourth storm with a whopping 8 inches of rain. Plymouth finished a close second with 7.2 inches.

Here is a sampling of rainfall totals from the National Weather Service:

  • Bourne – 5.3
  • Dartmouth – 4.73
  • Marshfield – 3.82
  • Wareham – 3.5
  • Duxbury – 2.9
  • Randolph – 1.92
  • Sandwich – 1.85
  • Milford – 1.75
  • Ipswich – 1.65
  • East Boston – 1.57
  • Quincy – 1.1

Note: The National Weather Service did not include the information for every community, but provided the totals for some of the hardest hit areas.  

To see the totals for more communities, check out the National Weather Service site.

Frank Haggerty July 05, 2014 at 11:30 AM
New Bedford has a CSO system . Combined Sewage Overflow . The water in the streets may not be just rain water and there should be some caution with shellfish after a storm like this. New Bedford has major sewer overflow pipes. At the end of Coffin Avenue major sewage spills into the river during heavy rain along with industrial waste. Water coming up out of street drains in lower locations may not be just rain water New Bedford Combined Sewage Overflow & Up To Ten Inches Of Rain - http://www.newbedford-ma.gov/public-infrastructure/wastewater/combined-sewer-overflows/ Combined Sewer Overflows Much of the City’s system is a combined system, the function of which is to collect sanitary flows and stormwater runoff and convey them to the interceptor system. Combined flow in excess of the interceptor capacity is discharged to receiving waters by the regulators through CSO outlets. The City presently has 35 permitted CSOs, most of which activate during rain events. (Three additional outlets have been eliminated through separation or abandonment). These outlets discharge to Clark’s Cove, New Bedford Harbor and Buzzards


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