Historically Speaking, the Natick Historical Society is Tops

Jennifer Hance, the Director of the Natick Historical Society, discusses the latest exhibits, openings on the board of directors and how you can use the society to help trace your family history.


Historically speaking, Natick is full of information and the has put it all in one place.

“We exhibit and collect articles and objects that have to do with Natick,” Director of the Natick Historical Society Jennifer Hance said.

The society, which was founded in 1870 and housed in the since the library opened, is a place for inspiration and exploration.

“We want to inspire people to study Natick history and to learn about the things that are relevant to them.”

A wealth of fun facts and needed information, the can help you with most anything with a Natick tie.

Looking to trace your genealogy? Hance and her team can help. Hoping to find more information about the Praying Indian Plantation? Hance can help with that too.

“Right now we are working with the five third grade classes in town helping them to learn local history,” Hance said. “They come here in the spring and learn all sorts of neat things.”

The society also holds many events and displays many exhibits throughout the year.

“On April 1 at 2 p.m. we are running a program called Bearing Witness,” Hance said.

According to the website, “Bearing Witness is the moving and provocative story of the American soldiers who liberated the concentration camps of the Holocaust.”

This program will be held at the Morse Institute Library.

The society is currently celebrating the 200th birthday of Henry Wilson, known as the Natick cobbler, and they have had singers, academic lectures and football coaches in to speak over the years.

“It’s a really fun place to come,” Hance said. “Even if you don’t have an interest in history, I think you will find something here. We have boxes of Flutie Flakes because we are proud of Doug Flutie, and kids can play with things; this is really a hand’s on experience.”

Hance notes that the society is the history of you and your town.

“It is relevant to each person whether you are a history buff or not,” Hance said. “We offer research services, we can help you to trace your genealogy or find the history of your house, among many other things.”

The society is run by a 14 member board of directors, and they currently have three openings.

“We are not affiliated with the town,” Hance said. “So if you would like to join our board, stop in and tell us of your interest. We are always looking for volunteers."

Interested in learning more? Visit: www.natickhistoricalsociety.org/museum/ 


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