Blogging: It's All the Rage

You see blogs all over our site. Read on to learn why you could benefit from blogging, and how you do it.

I can't speak for every Patch editor, but many of us have had email exchanges similar to this:

Reader: Hi, I went to the town meeting last night and have some thoughts about that controversial vote the town took. I've written down some of my thoughts; can you put them on Patch?

Well-intentioned Patch editor: Great! I'll get that up for you as a letter to the editor!

Reader: Thank you! (Refreshes Patch homepage. Refreshes again. Takes the dog for a walk. Returns, refreshes again.)

Reader: Hi, Editor! Do you know when my letter to the editor will run?

Well-intentioned Patch editor: (Doesn't respond right away because s/he is getting the police log, or responding to other emails, or on a phone interview, or helping a resident find her lost kitten.)

Now, the letter to the editor in the above example will definitely be posted. We love hearing from you and are always happy to help. A better way to get your thoughts out there, though, is through blogging. It's the quickest, most effective way to share your ideas with the community.

On Natick Patch, we have food bloggers, political bloggers, bloggers who weigh in on an assortment of issues. You don't have to have your own website, or be an "expert" in anything. You just have to have thoughts/ideas you want to share. That covers anything from complaints about the potholes on your street, to praise for that bagger at the grocery store who always gives you a friendly smile and never puts the cleaning supplies in the same bag as the sandwich meat. You can blog every week, every day, or once in awhile: it doesn't matter. Do it at your convenience.

Add a photo to your blog, and we're likely to feature it on the homepage and in the Natick Patch daily newsletter

So, that aforementioned letter to the editor I mentioned? That would make a great blog. Instead of waiting for us to post it for you, post it yourself.

To blog on Patch: Simply click the "start a blog" button on our homepage, click "post on Patch," and fill out the required fields. When done, hit "save and preview" and then submit it to us. At the chance you receive an error message, ("oops!" is one we see from time to time), just email us at natick@patch.com to see if we have the blog on our end. More likely than not, we'll see it in our queue and will be able to click "approve."

Bookmark this page as a reference, and email us at natick@patch.com if you have any questions!

We look forward to seeing you on Patch.


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