IMAGE GALLERY: Natick Nurses Protest Low Staff Numbers

Workers at the Leonard Morse Hospital in Natick picketed Monday afternoon for increased staff.

Holding picket signs that read "be fair to those who care" and chanting "we are mighty mighty nurses," dozens of employees of the MetroWest Medical Center protested Monday afternoon for increased staff numbers in order to better treat patients. 

"Every patient deserves a nurse to provide basic care," Katie Murphy, an employee of the Leonard Morse hospital, said. 

In a press release issued by the hospital's staff on Monday, nurses said they treat too many patients at once, which compromises their ability to provide care. 

"When nurses have too many patients to care for at one time, complications are more likely and here at MetroWest, we have been warning management about these conditions for months, yet they refuse to address this growing patient safety crisis, Vicki Emerson, a registered nurse at the Leonard Morse Hospital, said. 


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