Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper Film Shoots in Natick

Hollywood stars used Natick businesses as sets while shooting an unnamed film on Thursday.

Using locations on Rte. 135 in Natick, Hollywood stars filmed an unnamed film that will star Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. 

Dottie Intinarelli lives on Stacey Street, just a few hundred feet from the set in Reliable Cleaners. The film's production crew paid Intinarelli and her neighbors $200 to park in front of their homes. 

"I took the day off of work to see if I could see Jeremy Renner, he is my favorite actor," Intinarelli said. 

Sara Berry from Wellesley visited in hopes of getting a glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence. "I love her, I think I would pretty much faint if I saw her," Berry said. 

Hundreds of area residents lined the streets around Reliable Cleaners and a nearby strip mall, but the stars largely kept themselves out of the public's view during the shooting. 


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