June, 1888: Runaway Horse Injures Boy on Main Street

This article, about a runaway horse on Main Street in Natick, is from the Friday, June 15, 1888 issue of the Natick Bulletin.

The following is text from a June 15, 1888 article in the Natick Bulletin:

There was a lively runaway on Saturday afternoon on Main street, a general smash-up and several narrow escapes from death. A horse diven by Mrs. Henry Snow, who has recently moved into the Hudson house on Beacon street, and containing beside herself a young son of about seven years, while turning around near Eagle block became frightened and ran.

So sudden was the movement that Mrs. Snow was thrown out near Gray's restaurant, and the animal proceeded up Main street. At Fairbanks' sotre, Mrs. Edwin Farwell was just crossing the street, pushing the baby carriage and before she could get out of the way the carriage was smashed into pieces and the baby thrown to the ground. The carriage was overturned and the Snow boy thrown underneath, and the horse finally freed homself by coming in contact with Green's wagon from South atick and was captured some time afterward. Mrs. Snow was considerable cut up about the face and partially stunned, but recovered in a short time being taken to Daniels' drug store for treatment. Master Snow escaped without injuries.

The child of Mrs. Edwin Farwell was taken to DeWitt's store and it was not expected would be found alive, but on examination it was discovered that its injuries consisted of two broken ribs, and a general shaking up. He is attended by Dr. Smith and is now doing nicely.

The accident occurred at the time of day when the streets were crowded with people and teams, and the road being partially taken up by the building operations of Walcott's block, it is wonderful that no further injuries happened. The damage to the carriage was only a broken shaft, and the harness was in need of repairs.


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