Natick Company Fined $11,056 for Illegal Burning

The Department of Environmental Protection found the company to be illegally burning materials in 2010.

Capital Contractors Inc. of Natick was assessed a $11,056 fine for violating state air pollution and solid waste control regulations, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection said. 

Responding to separate matter in 2010, the MassDEP personnell noticed illegal burning of landscape derbis at Capital Contractors' Holliston location on Whitney street. 

The company agreed to pay $1,200 of the assessed fine with the remaining $9,856 suspended if there are no violations for one year, MassDEP said in a press release.

“Open burning of construction debris causes air pollution and constitutes illegal disposal ofsolid waste,” Lee Dillard Adams, acting director for MassDEP’s Central Regional Office in Worcester, said in the release. “Small businesses must abide by the same regulations as large corporations.”


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