Why Do Sidewalks End at Route 9?

The latest 'You Ask, Patch Answers' addresses that question.

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Today, we answer this inquiry:

Why are there no sidewalks on much of Route 9?

Patch asked Massachusetts Department of Transportation spokesman Michael Verseckes.

"Sidewalks along state highways are typically provided as a result of a request from the municipality during project design or are constructed by a private developer as a form of impact mitigation. 

"Right now, on Route 9, there are sidewalks through sections of Shrewsbury, a small piece of Southborough, and some through Framingham and Natick.  

"Sidewalks are typically located in area where pedestrian traffic exists or is expected, such as residential areas and central business districts.  Sidewalks are often added sporadically over the years, which leads to disconnected sections of sidewalk.  

"MassDOT will typically connect these sections of disconnected sidewalks as part of roadway reconstruction projects when we an opportunity."


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