2013 Powder Puff Players Honored at Natick High School

The junior and senior teams named Students of the Week at Natick High School

The senior team. Photo courtesy Tracy Ward.
The senior team. Photo courtesy Tracy Ward.
This year's Powder Puff game was played in the Natick High School gym right after the Pep Rally on Nov. 27. It was juniors vs. seniors, and the seniors came out on top, 49-35 All proceeds from the game will be donated to a local charity of the students' choice (to be determined).
The Seniors (pink shirts): The Red Hawk, Coach Kyle Boudreau, and Coach Joe Guidice with Seniors: Rachel Moran, Emma Connelly, Brenna Byrne, Brooke Allston, Megan Tingley, Bridget Thom, Jenna Davidson, Robin Mosher, Kelley LaPorte, Elise Daigle, Gabi Levine, Ali Koval, Maggie DeLorie, Dani Levey, Emilia Lavallee, Melissa Kostin, Liz Mullen, Maisy Maxwell, Kerry Getchonis, Liz Zernicke, Haley Reddish, Cate Duffy, Robin McElaney. 

The Juniors:
 Coach Mike Buono with Juniors: Caitlin Little, Hailey Prunty, Meredith Galaid, Jamie Kuehnapfel, Devan Malcolm, Molly Gorelick, Leah White, Liz Strand, Miki Kinugawa, Stephanie Ghilani, Eve Lenson, Meg Chouinard, Abigail Northgraves, Jess Grome, Julia Stevens, Mia McHue, Amanda Rabello, Rachel Spadaro, Taylor Erickson, Aileen Morley-McLaughlin, Jordan Pierce, Mara Gordon, Phoebe Patterson, Mary Destino, Kayla Ramos


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