Dug Pond - Campus Drive

Dear Friends, Thanks to Raghu Bhardwaj, Linda Nguyen, Mr. Milch and several members of the Natick HS Earth Club, we were able to clean-up most of the trash and debris along Campus Drive this afternoon (12/3). Our recent drought allowed us to range further and collect more items because of the low waterline. With over a dozen collaborations between the Natick HS Earth Club and Big Heart - Little Feet (Lake Cochituate Watershed Council) over the past three years, Dug Pond, "Blueberry Island," adjacent roadways, and shorelines are cleaner than they've been in a decade. Still much work to do, of course. Changing hearts and minds of the "trashers" is a challenging task and we'll have to keep at it. Just one of several initiatives to make Natick the first Trash-Free Community in Massachusetts by 2014. Let me know if you'd like to get involved. -B Patrick Conaway


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