Let's Get the Beds out of the Fire Stations in Natick

The beds in all fire stations need too go, the Firefighters no longer live at the station. No Job in the World allows you to go to bed at work. Back in the late 1800s into the early 1900s it was understandable. At other times this practice is looked at as Tradition. Tradition? They used to stone people to death to as a tradition. Now the Firemen say they work 2 days on, 3 days off. Another scam. The Fire Dept should be 3 eight hour shifts or 2 twelve hour shifts. Another biproduct of sleeping at work these folks all have side jobs as carpenters, painters ect. They can under cut the price of the job because they make big bucks working at the Fire Dept. One More Thing......Why are 90% of Firefighters Sons, Daughters or relatives of current or former Firemen? Look at the names. If you want me to list them I will.. Time for Vhange Fire Chief.......
mary April 01, 2014 at 09:08 PM
Peter I promise this will be my last post on this subject. I have treated you with respect but you have not done the same. I find it odd that you state you would not do the job because they do not make enough money but criticize them for working another job on their time off from the fire department. First You repeatedly put my name in quotation marks, I assume indicating Mary is an alias. Your latest comment that I am an old bag living at Cedar Gardens is not only disrespectful to me but to the elderly residents that do reside at Cedar Gardens. I no longer reside in Natick. I am extremely proud to say that I am married to an American hero, a firefighter employed in another town.
Peter Maldoof April 01, 2014 at 10:02 PM
MARY........Exactly what U thought lol! I'm sure your husband is a great guy. I did think you were an alias because you were married to a Natick Firefighter, and I wasn't far off. I was in the Navy for a Long Time, 20+ Yrs. It wasn't the money that kept me there, the money wasn't great. I enjoyed the Job. I did well, Moved up fast, saw the world, And have friends from all over the USA and World. That is why I stayed. Now I'm in good shape, retired, doing what I like. I deliver Meals on Wheels 3 days a week. I drive elderly, Vets, Sick Folks to Dr spots. I manage to ring the Bell for 14 yrs in a row. When I was 15 I took a mentally challenged Girl to her Prom. She had a great time and we remain friends to this day. I have a few HIV/AIDS patients I help out driving them to Dr Appts, go food shopping. We have become friends and I take them out to eat, People Watching at the Mall, you name it. When one loses there battle with that terrible disease its like losing a brother. I have one friends Dog after I promised him I would take care of her. I give of myself and enjoy it. Most people don't even know what I do, I am just a guy who likes to help people. . I started this subject because I truly believe the Days of Beds in the Fire Station are numbered. For now the Fire Unions counter this with the 3 days on 2 days off. They get to hang out with friends, Cook Elaborate Meals, Sleep. If this was such a Money Saving Practice everyone would be doing it. There should be 2 - 12hr shifts OR 3-8HR shifts a day. Then everyone goes home and sleeps in their own bed. Its more time with family too. Jobs at the Fire Station should be advertised where everyone finds out they will be hiring at the same time. No backroom deals. If people want to be a firefighter they should be on level playing field with the Children and Family of retired or other Personnel.
Randy Blue April 07, 2014 at 07:40 PM
So if the shift starts at midnight and they immediately go out on a call and have to go into a burning building where they are physically and mentally exhausted afterwards but still have another 4 hours of their shift left. You don't want them to rest up in case there is another call before their shift ends? Its not like they are going to be in the middle of a burning building and say" well my shift is over I can go home and sleep in my own bed". They are going to stay and get the job done. I would like them to be rested up if that is the case and my house is burning. But you seem to be more worried that they have a relative who got them the job than the actual job. Well how about if they got the job for being a woman or black or for having a military background? Does that bother you too? You seem to go to negative places with your comments when you aren't winning the battle. I'm done with this you obviously have some hang ups that have nothing to do with the job at hand and won't rest until the beds are gone.
Peter Maldoof April 07, 2014 at 08:51 PM
Peter, You don't get it.Of course they don't leave in the middle of a fire. Usually off duty fire personnel come and help I'm the case of a big fire. After its out they go home and sleep in there own bed. They don't sleep during the day now, Just at night. A lot of nights they may sleep all night. Others they don't. But after working 8 or 12 hrs like the rest of us they go home and sleep. I worked miss in the service. We didn't sleep we worked. Beds in the Fire Station is more about Tradition than need. Of course the Fire People like it. Work 3 days off for 4. What a World. Taxpayers shouldn't be paying for these people to sleep. PERIOD.. Lets just agree to disagree. I don't see what your saying and you don't see what I'm saying. These people are Paid to Work. Since 9/11 everyone wants to put them on a Pedestal. I don't. They knew what it was when they signed up


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