Letter to the Editor from U.S. Congressional Candidate Gerry Dembrowski

"US economic collapse caused by Arab Spring uprisings, earthquake in Japan, European debt crises, and foreign oil prices?"—a letter to the editor from Gerry Dembrowski

Last year Americans worked 99 days to pay taxes, this year we’ll work 102. We will pay more in taxes than we spend on groceries, clothing, and shelter combined. Evergreen Solar received $58M taxpayer dollars, then cut 800 jobs, moved manufacturing to China, and just this week filed for bankruptcy. 

Boeing recently created 3,000 jobs and invested $750M in the South Carolina economy, and now Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is suing Boeing for creating jobs and investing in the US economy.

The July 2011 real unemployment rate, including part time workers and those given up looking for work, is 16.1%, nearly 25.3M Americans are unemployed! Boston Scientific will move another 1,200 American jobs to China, and invest $150M in the Chinese economy because there are fewer government regulations and has a lower cost of doing business. Why are companies leaving the US? Because federal, state and local government regulations cost businesses and the economy an astounding $1.75T a year!

I say, the economic crisis and outrageous unemployment levels were created in Washington! Here are a few solutions: cut and cap spending and balance the budget with a constitutional amendment; permanently lower the corporate tax rate, payroll taxes, and capital gains taxes; repeal and defund job killing laws/programs (i.e. ObamaCare), provide stricter oversight on job killing regulating agencies (i.e. EPA), eliminate czars and boards that don't go through congressional hearings and are not accountable to congress and the people (i.e. National Labor Relations Board). We, as a nation, need pro-business tax and regulation reforms that will create jobs, revitalize the economy, and put 25M unemployed Americans back to work. American exceptionalism still exists in the citizens of the greatest nation on earth and as President Ronald Reagan once said, we are ‘a bright, shining city on a hill’.

Best regards,
Dr. Gerry Dembrowski
2012 7th Congressional Candidate

Ben Jackson August 19, 2011 at 06:25 PM
Mr. Dembrowski, Your math is conveniently incomplete. The richest Americans work on average just 59 days to pay taxes, and pay effective actual tax rates dramatically lower than any other tax paying American. http://www.quickanded.com/2010/02/effective-tax-rates-of-the-richest-400-americans.html Fixing the tax loopholes that allow just this small group of the 400 richest Americans (who, by the way, earned nearly 36% of all individual income in 2007) would more than double the income taxes they pay and bring them in line with the rest of the nation. Governor Romney declared, "Corporations are people, my friend." If this is true, why do corporations such as GE, and many other large corporations pay no taxes at all, despite making billions in profits? http://bit.ly/igTcDi. The fact that corporations are moving jobs overseas has to do with cheap labor, and lack of government oversight - which has lead directly to Americans getting sick and even dying with tainted wipes, defective automotive parts, lead-constructed toys, and many other safety slips which American oversight prevents. It is wayward capitalism at its worst. Finally, your assertion of that the EPA and National Healthcare are "jobkilling" show your lack of understanding of the Mass. economy, where so many of our jobs come from the medical industry. If you want to kill jobs here, the best way to do it is to defund federal medical funding. You are wrong for MA. Sincerely, Ben Jackson


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