Letter to the Editor from U.S. Congressional Candidate Gerry Dembrowski

Gerry Dembrowski, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 7th Congressional District, which includes Natick.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Dr. Gerry Dembrowski and I am a 2012 candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 7th congressional district. Please find my letter to the editor below for review and printing. Thank you for your time.


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs… Where Are They?


No new jobs added in August… the last time total payrolls were unchanged was 1945! Currently, the real unemployment rate is 16.1%, and over 25M citizens are out of work! Times are extremely tough, even here in Massachusetts. In July, a record 42M Americans received food stamps in the US. In our own backyard, the Belmont food pantry watched their needs for local families grow dramatically over the last two years, and 2010 Christmas dinner saw a record 125 families. Career politicians conjure up creative ideas to generate revenue (raise our taxes), but not how to create new jobs and therefore new taxpayers. I believe those 25M unemployed Americans want to work and become taxpayers- why won’t our government let them?


Career politicians have promoted legislative reforms, disguised as great sounding initiatives, which have severely eroded the ability of businesses to maintain and grow their payrolls. They say they are working to fix social security and improved our healthcare system with Obamacare, but they do not participate in either. Lawmakers have a special retirement plan and a premium healthcare plan- not social security and Obamacare. They are not personally affected by the jobs they destroy, doomed social security, and socialized medicine they force on the rest of us.



Congressman Ed Markey continues to push economically devastating legislation dressed as environmentally focused reform (Cap and Trade) and says ‘environmental regulations create more jobs’, but this is simply not true. The National Association of Manufacturers estimates new EPA regulations will eliminate over 800,000 jobs per year, totaling 7.3M lost by 2020. Recently, the Assistant Administrator of the EPA testified they do not take jobs into account when issuing new regulations. Not even a Presidential Executive Order requiring federal agencies to take job creation into account when issuing new regulations was enough to prevent the worst payroll report since 1945. We need actions that translate into new jobs! We need new leadership that considers the American economy and job creation first, and we need it now!



Overregulation by government agencies cost our economy $1.75T per year. Business owners say payroll tax exemptions for hiring the unemployed are more than offset by Obamacare costs, and new accounting regulations increased the volume of yearly tax forms by 9-fold. Small and medium sized businesses are the heart and soul of our economy, employing 60% of Americans. Crippling taxes and complex regulations are systematically ripping the heart from the economic engine that drives our nation’s prosperity. Is this acceptable to you? Because, it is not acceptable to me!


Rewriting the tax code with pro-growth policies enabling small and medium sized businesses to hire workers and reduce unemployment will revitalize our economy. Tax cuts for individuals will put money in the pockets of consumers and promote local economic growth. We need permanent cuts to corporate, payroll, and capital gains taxes to help rebuild the heart and soul of our economy and make the US competitive in the global business arena. In addition, lawmakers must balance our budget; cut spending; and stop the regulatory onslaught! These can be done now to grow our economy! We must get government out of the way, and get Americans working again!

Best regards,
Dr. Gerry Dembrowski


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