Natick common cafe

I took my family into Natick common for breakfast what a mistake that was. As we were putting money into the meter we see 1 of the servers outside smoking an talking on her phone ( long hair) the line was out the door. As we inch further in an 3 people ahead of us there's 1 girl on the registrar an 1 server sitting down at a table . The server who was smoking came inside went to the table where the other server was an watched a video on a cell phone. The server behind the counter asked for help the long hair smoker went behind the counter WITHOUT WASHING HER HANDS TO WAIT ON CUNSTOMERS. Totally grossed all of us out that we walked out the door . The place is filthy crumbs all over the tables & floor an the attitude the 2 lazy servers gave the server that WAS WORKING AN HELPING CUSTOMERS. This is not a place you want to get fast service .. The owner needs to send her help to classes on how to greet customers an wash hands . Not fit to serve to public .
debbie dasilva April 14, 2014 at 07:04 AM
Where were you eating?
Breakingthelaw April 14, 2014 at 10:16 PM
I never got to actually eat because I was too disgusted after watching the server come in from smoking an wait on customers without washing her hands the server with the long ponytail an attitude problem. Location is NATICK COMMON BAKERY owner is Marina . Also if you want to know where the lasts parties are or who got waisted jus ask the 2 youner servers ( male chubby & an female Chubby ) cuz that's all they cha about infront of customers.


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