Oh My: 'Naked' Woman Flees, Tractor-Trailer Driver Makes Unlucky Mistake

And, did you know there was a Shrewsbury in Missouri?

If we receive an inquiry about a 'naked' person running through town, we will get to the bottom of it.

A woman stopped traffic in Westborough this week when she ran from her vehicle naked, according to one reader's description. The reader asked Patch for more information. 

There's a Shrewsbury in Missouri: who knew?

A person called Shrewsbury police looking to retrieve a driver's license. After speaking with an officer, it was determined that the caller was looking for a license left in Shrewsbury, MO. Hopefully, the caller was closer to Missouri than Massachusetts.

Perhaps he was spooked? 

This man's driving snafu caused a significant amount of damage in a Milford cemetery. The man, a tractor-trailer driver, took a wrong turn into the cemetery, and in an attempt to get out, rolled over several gravestones, crashed into a raised family plot, and damaged a large tree and water main. 


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