Oh My: Litterbug Gets Sloppy, Well-Being Check for Republican

In other unusual police news, a person covered himself in mud.

Maybe police should do a post-election well-being check on this man...

Someone called Medfield police a couple of days before the election, requesting a well-being check for a man who was standing in front of an old restaurant waving a U.S. flag and speaking out about President Obama. Police responded and reported, "There is no problem with the man; he is just a strong supporter of Mitt Romney running for president." 

Mud-as-clothing. It's the latest thing, haven't you heard?

A caller said a person in Shrewsbury had covered himself in mud and was walking up a street in town. Officers responded and spoke to the person and his parents. 

I misplace my keys all the time. But my car? Not so much.

Also in Shrewsbury, a caller reported his motor vehicle had been stolen.

Litterbug gets sloppy.

This one kind of reminds me of the guy who got arrested in Westborough last week after breaking into cars and leaving his wallet (with identification) behind. In Hopkinton, a litterbug was likely to get caught after dumping a bag of trash on a resident's front lawn—and leaving in the trash a UPS label that featured the suspected litterbug's name.


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