Oh My: Scavengers of Kisses and Donation Bins

We also took note of a man who found it suspicious that a pair was walking through town without an umbrella.

Maybe this mystery man was trying to make one of those "free hugs" viral videos...

...or maybe he was just a weirdo wandering a college campus.

Framingham State University Police said this week they received reports of a man approaching females telling them he was doing a scavenger hunt. He asked the women to kiss him and sign a sheet of paper, so he could earn points in the scavenger hunt.

The case of the umbrella-less walkers.

I don't know what's stranger: or the fact that that the complaintant stewed over this bit of "suspicious" activity for six hours before deciding to call Westwood police.

If they had just waited, someone probably would have given them some of these clothes for free.

Four people were arrested for stealing from clothing donation bins in two separate incidents this week: one in Shrewsbury, and the other in Westborough.

Two men accused of stealing donated clothing from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul box in Westborough found themselves wearing handcuffs Wednesday night. The men reportedly did the same thing last month, and also in October 2011.

On Monday, two different men were charged with stealing from a clothing donation bin in Shrewsbury. One of the men was actually arrested while in the bin.

Police say clothing donation thefts are on the rise, and thieves are selling the clothes in bulk for a per-pound price.


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