Shhhhh… I’m selling my house!

Learn how to help boost your home selling marketing efforts.

The first time I ever had a potential seller ask me to be sure the neighbors didn’t find out they were selling I was flabbergasted. As a newbie Realtor I was only too happy to accommodate this fatal marketing request, which to the best of my recollection backfired.

Since that time I have been asked by other potential sellers the same thing: “Do I have to have a sign on the lawn? I don’t want my neighbors to know I’m selling.” Now 20 years later I know that not putting a sign out front is self sabotage to selling your home. The fact is your neighbors are some of the best marketing you have. No one knows your neighborhood, or sometimes even your house, better than your neighbors.

Let’s remember that Frank across the street lived there when you redid all your siding and is a living testimony that you hired a professional company who didn’t cover up asbestos with vinyl to make it look good. Mary from down the street was witness to the fact that you hired a surveyor before you put up that white picket fence which your current buyer is questioning as an encroachment. Yes, potential buyers will ask your neighbors all sorts of questions. As a matter of fact as a buyer’s agent I encourage potential buyers to visit properties on a Saturday and talk to the neighbors. Remember as Realtors we cannot discuss neighborhoods, but the actual neighbors can and will tell you everything.

I encourage Sellers to not only display their yard sign prominently and proudly but to share with all your neighbors your intentions to sell. It is even a good idea to pass around your marketing materials to neighbors who may come into contact with potential buyers so they can know what is going on. You want your Realtor to advertise your property so why hide it from your neighbors? They read the paper too!

Selling your house should be a positive experience, so start of on the right foot. Instead of playing hide and seek with your marketing plan, try being loud and proud— it will certainly get you better results.

Heidi Zizza mdm realty inc. 



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