Alleged Purse Thieves Plead Not Guilty

Natick Police: Anthony Dontay Waters and Donald Freeman Jr. tried to make off with more than $27,000 worth of Chanel purses.

Anthony Dontay Waters and Donald Freeman Jr. Credit: WCVB-TV
Anthony Dontay Waters and Donald Freeman Jr. Credit: WCVB-TV

Two men from Philadelphia, PA, pled not guilty to armed robbery and other charges and are being held on bail after a theft attempt at Neiman Marcus in Natick, according to Boston.com.

Anthony Dontay Waters and Donald Freeman Jr., with the assistance of two unknown women, attempted to steal six purses worth $27,300 from the store on Feb. 9.

According to WCVB-TV, Waters reportedly entered the store with the women and stood by while one of the women used tools to cut security wires on the purses. The women left the area and Freeman allegedly came into the store. The two men allegedly grabbed the purses and fled the store.

Employees confronted the two men outside of the store, there was an altercation, with one of the employees being hit with pepper spray. The women in the getaway car drove away from the scene while the men were detained, according to police.

Read the full reports on boston.com and WCVB-TV’s website


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