Dissatisfied Cosmetics Customer Causes Commotion

A woman triggered a hazardous materials response after throwing powder on an Aveda employee, police said.

Apparently upset with the prices at , a female customer caused a scare at the Tuesday night when she opened her purse and threw powder at a store clerk, police said.

Police responded after 8:35 p.m. to the cosmetics store, where the employee was allegedly assaulted with the powder. 

"There was a female in the store that engaged the clerk in a conversation about the price of an item," said Police Lt. Brian Grassey. "The customer expressed dissatisfaction, reached into her purse, found powder and threw it at the clerk."

Grassey said the powder "initially caused some level of irritation," on the clerk's skin.

"We exercised some element of due caution," Grassey said, referencing the initial call for a hazardous materials response.

The quickly determined the substance was inert and the hazmat response was canceled, Grassey said.

The woman left before police arrived. If apprehended, she would be charged with assault and battery.


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