Chief: 'Greatest Job in the World'

Sheridan shares his thoughts on his job and offers practical advice for all families.


Rife with a collage of memories—both good and bad—James Sheridan will soon celebrate four years as the of Natick.

“I have lived in Natick my entire life, with the exception of the three years I spent in the Army," Sheridan said. “I chose to become a firefighter because I have always received great satisfaction from helping others. It is my opinion that this is the greatest job in the world.”

Although not always easy, Sheridan said he is proud of the work he does.

“I don’t believe I have a single most memorable moment to date,” Sheridan said, “but rather a collage of moments that have left me both happy and sad, but always proud to have been there to give my best effort.”

Sheridan watches over those he serves with great care and has many words of wisdom for the community he loves and cares about. 

“Install and test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors,” Sheridan said. “I also think it’s important to develop and practice an emergency escape. As we enter the warmer months, I would also remind community members, young and old, that there is safety in numbers and the buddy system works.”

With summer coming quicker than perhaps we can imagine, Sheridan reminds folks to not swim alone and to use flotation devices habitually.

The lack of snow and the unseasonably warm weather has combined for a nasty combination in all of New England, and Natick is not immune. Something Sheridan and all of the firefighters take seriously.

“At this time our region is under a severe fire weather watch. The unseasonable warm winter, lack of snowfall and a dry spring with accompanying high winds have created dangerous brush and wild land fire conditions,” Sheridan said. “People should not be burning brush or leaves and should take extra measures to ensure fires don’t start. During these conditions something as simple as an improperly disposed of cigarette can result in a large scale conflagration.”

Sheridan leads a group of 80 members of the . There are four shifts allowing 24/7 coverage all year in all areas: firefighters, EMTs and Advanced Life Support ambulances. When not on the front lines helping the folks of Natick, Sheridan can be found in Falmouth spending time doing what he loves.

“I try to get to my boat as often as possible to enjoy fishing and boating,” he said. “I also enjoy working out and spending time with friends and family.”

But truth be told, Sheridan is happiest at the front lines watching over the town he has always called home.

“I can’t imagine anything I’d rather be then the Fire Chief in Natick,” Sheridan said. “ I honestly believe this is the greatest town and the men and women of the Natick Fire Department are the best fire fighters and Emergency Medical Technicians anywhere.”


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