Natick Honors Deceased Peace Officers

The officers who have died were honored at the 11th annual Peace Officers' Memorial Ceremony on Wednesday, May 11, 2011.

At the 11th annual Peace Officers' Memorial Ceremony on Wednesday, Natick recognized the 61 officers who have died. The following officers were remembered:


Charles W. Mathews

John Walsh

Bernard S. McDonald

Patrick A. Whalen

Charles Brady

Edward Barnicle

James McCormack

Edward J. Murphy

Peter J. Nyland

James B. Sweeney

Martin J. Fair

David Church

Thomas Evans

Frank A. Roberts

William J. Hogan

John F Topham

Edward Barnicle

James P. Farrell

Jack Hefferan

Edward W. Burke

Charles L. Mathews

John L. Flynn

William H. Kane

William Garvey

Rodney Frazer

Raymond C. Tanner

Leo R. Boudreau

Wallace E. Montgomery

Edward F. Kadlik

Robert B. Hart

George F. Barnicle

Robert L. Jennings

David D. Holland

John C. Conway

George B. Scott

Wesley L. Orcutt

John J. Quilty

Richard H. Keene

George F. Roberts

Francis M. Keane

Ralph E. Higgins

Romeo P. DeFazio

Robert W. Ryan

Harold J. Bouret

Edward J. Deeley

W. Joseph Shea

Henry M. Hutchinson

Edward F. Krupski

William E. Moores

Joseph M. Connolly

George L. Hanna

Robert N. Ritchie

Walter L. Burke

Thomas J. Envoy

Anthony A. Melchiorri

Richard A. Cashman

Edward W. Bradford

James A. Clover

Daniel L. O’Callaghan

Robert L. Davis


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