Oh My: Crash Landing, Suspicious Ice Cream Truck

We report the region's wacky and unusual police news.

This snake's days in the garage are over - unless he slithers back in.

Animal Control responded, captured the snake...and released it into the resident's yard. My question is: how far is the garage from the yard? Additionally, if I found myself in this situation, I might make a special request to release the snake somewhere off of my property.

Plane runs into electrical problems.

...A remote-controlled plane, that is. The man called police, who notified National Grid.

What, exactly, makes an ice cream truck suspicious?

Actually, scratch that question. I did encounter a suspicious ice cream truck years ago, when I visited a friend in Los Angeles. The ice cream truck was driving around at three in the morning. Somehow, I don't think folks are buying their kids snow-cones before the sun comes up.

But a Milford resident's concerns this week about a "suspicious" ice cream truck were unfounded.

In other suspicious food-related news...

...a Holliston resident reported a suspicious knock on his door.

wendy pc August 19, 2012 at 01:10 PM
Massachusetts law prohibits the capture and re-location of wildlife.


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