Teens Face More Charges in Car Breaks

The arrests happened Tuesday.

A Westborough teenager arrested Tuesday for allegedly using a credit card stolen from a motor vehicle faces multiple additional charges, including five counts of larceny of a credit card, Police Chief Alan Gordon said today.

Police now also have charged Damien R. Hughes, 19, of 19 Nash St., with breaking and entering a building for a felony and using a motor vehicle without authority, Gordon said in a press release.

Some of those charges allege Hughes used a 2004 Toyota reported stolen from Old Nourse Road on Tuesday, Gordon said. Police also allege Hughes broke into an Andrews Road garage, broke into a vehicle there, and stole credit cards from it.

And police will file more charges against Hughes and a 16-year-old male arrested with him, Gordon said. The 16 year old, who resides at the Fountainhead Apartments, 293 Turnpike Road is not being identified due to his age.

Police initially charged both teenagers with receiving stolen property.

Police arrested the two teenagers Tuesday afternoon, when they were seen walking toward Target, shortly after the restaurant manager at Not Your Average Joe’s called police "reporting that the same individuals were back using another gift card," Gordon has said.

Nine motor vehicle break-ins were reported Sunday after happening overnight. Two more were reported Monday. And the 2004 Toyota was reported stolen Tuesday morning. 

“Most of the items that have been stolen from vehicles over the last week were recovered from the juvenile’s apartment where Hughes has been staying,” Gordon said.

“Residents are once again reminded to lock your vehicles when you leave them. All vehicles that were entered were left unlocked,” he added.

corey December 19, 2012 at 10:15 PM
hmmm Mr. Hughes again? I've seen this name aobut 4 times in 2012.....true champ we have on our hands....i believe its time we maybe teach him stupid actions have real consequences......
anonymous20123 December 19, 2012 at 10:58 PM
i knew hughes in school. hes a preety deliquent kid also a drop out who never finished his senior year.......such a loser
Wboro Resident December 20, 2012 at 05:01 AM
I find it amusing that this guy has been in the Patch at least 3 or 4 times since March for B&E and car 'theft' but in April a poster claiming to "(I know this b/c I am his Mother)" seems more concerned about a "real need for responsible reporting" (http://westborough.patch.com/articles/nash-street-teen-charged-with-car-break-ins) than getting her poor excuse for parenting off the street. Although, perhaps Judge Vito will release him on PR?? (http://westborough.patch.com/articles/in-court-restitution-ordered#comments_list) @Westborough Citizen... there doesn't appear to be any consequences. Or at least none prompt enough to save the rest of us from the likes of him.
NotAnonymous June 27, 2013 at 02:58 PM
I'm a neighbor of Damien and used to hangout with him when he was really young, and it only seems fair to go out of my way like you hooligans and create a 'Patch' account to assert my own voiceless comment; however, instead of following the trending self-conceited judgements, I'm going to speak the contrary. This 'loser' is a misguided teenager that grew up with numerous hardships pertaining to his family life which none of you know about or would ever think to figure out. With that said, I hope Damien will correct his actions through this setback and start fresh. To anoymous20123: Focus on yourself bud, and your spelling sucks almost as much as you do.


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