Update: Natick Soldier Systems Center Budget Cuts Lessened

As Congress and the White House work on budget agreements, the sequester's latest update has lessened the number of furlough days required by civilian employees at Natick Soldier Systems Center.

April 8, 2013 Update:

According to John Harlow, Chief of Public Affairs at Natick Soldier Systems Center, there will now be 14 days of furlough instead of 22. This will save an estimate $6.225 million.

Original Story from Feb. 21, 2013 Below:

The Boston Globe is reporting that Natick Soldier Systems Center is facing a 30 percent cut to their operating budget.

Congress and the White House need to reach an agreement on budget cuts before March 1 if there is a chance of the cuts not happening.

The Department of Defense sent a letter to Congress yesterday informing them that these budget cuts would mean that civilian employees of the military would have to take mandatory days off without pay. Over 1,600 of about 1,800 employees at Natick Soldiers System Center are civilians.

According to the Globe article, a base spokesman said that each civilian would be forced to take off 22 days, and that would ultimately save $9.78 million from the Natick base alone.

The base, known locally as Natick Labs, is most widely known for it's development of military clothing and equipment, and recently entered into a research partnership with UMass Lowell.


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