Proposed FY15 Budget Adds 30 Jobs in Natick

Police Department would benefit from adding an officer and dispatcher.

Natick Board of Selectmen Chair Carol Gloff is seen during the Jan. 13 meeting. Staff photo by Robert Fucci
Natick Board of Selectmen Chair Carol Gloff is seen during the Jan. 13 meeting. Staff photo by Robert Fucci

Natick's Board of Selectmen voted to approve a proposed budget for FY15 that would add 30 jobs that were previously lost during the recession.

Among the departments that would benefit from this budget is the Police Department, which would add a police officer and dispatcher to the force. The extra dispatcher will help reduce overtime costs, as some are working double shifts to maintain proper staffing levels, according to town documents.

The department will request two additional officers in the future, and claims to need additional help for traffic safety and school resource work.

According to documents provided by Deputy Town Administrator Michael Walters Young, the PD budget would increase 3 percent from FY14.

Selectmen also supported the proposed DPW budget, which will decrease by about 3 percent compared to FY14 after the reallocation of some expenses to other parts of the town budget.

The budget asks for an additional two workers to the highway/sanitation department to help with sidewalk maintenance. 

Another position would be added to the land facilities and natural resources division.

Walters Young said adding the highway/sanitation workers will "free up the existing workforce to focus on more sidewalk maintenance than we currently can."

DPW is scheduled to save nearly $56,000 in energy thanks to the use of LED lights on lamp posts.

"These come with a 10-year warranty," Deputy Town Administrator Bill Shennard said. "They will probably last 20 years."

The general fund expenses of the town budget will rise 1.5 percent decrease to $131.5 million.

Selectmen opted to back the proposed water and sewer budget, as well, which is expected to increase by 4 percent. This budget also adds a new position that will focus on meeting federal and state regulations. 

Walters Young said it's possible rates could rise about 3 percent.


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