Scott Brown Meets Small Business Owners

The U.S. senator spoke at a MetroWest Chamber of Commerce event at the Crowne Plaza in Natick on Thursday.

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, R-MA, addressed the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce and other members of the community at the hotel Thursday morning. Brown shared his appreciation for small business owners, saying that they are a key part of turning the country's economy aroud.

"I understand certainly many of the challenges that you all have. Many of you are business owners; you're the leaders of this community, providing jobs for those who want to work and have the pride of working," said Brown. "I thank you because I know many of you have woken up in the middle of the night and said 'my goodness, can I pay that bill? Can I open the doors tomorrow?' And I know that's a real challenge for all of you."

Brown said the has been instrumental in creating jobs during tough economic times and that how small businesses are doing is a good indicator of how the country is handling the recession.

The senator recalled tough times that he and his family have faced throughout the years—at one point his mother was on welfare, something he says helps shape his decision-making.

"The lesson I think that I've learned and probably many of you have learned as the business leaders in this area is that through perserverance and hard work you can actually make a difference. I think that's critically important in this time, especially," he said.

In his more than 300 stops at Chamber of Commerce events, town hall functions and other appearance across the area, Brown said the one struggle that everyone seems to be facing is uncertainty about when and if the economy will turn around.

"It's good to hear him talk about that and talk about that it is a difficult environment in Washington," said MetroWest Chamber President Bonnie Biocchi to fellow members. "I'd ask you to think about how your business is running. If there are issues that affect your business, I would ask you to probably take the time to contact the senator and other people in our legislative delegation. They need to hear your voice; it is really important."


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