TM Votes for Beer/Wine at Tilly & Salvy's

Town Meeting voted in support of a beer and wine license for Tilly & Salvy's Bacon Street Farm grocery store.

Town Meeting members voted Thursday in support of a home rule petition to allow a beer and wine license for . Third generation owner of the specialty grocery store, Rick Ciccarelli, requested the license after he said many customers told him they would like the ability to pick up a bottle of wine to bring home with their groceries.

Several members argued that the proposal should be accepted because the Ciccarelli family has proved itself after more than 70 years of business in Natick. Town Meeting member Larry Forschner called the business a "tremendous resource" to residents and a "first-class operation," and said they deserve to be granted the license.

"This is just an enhancement to their business and they should be able to do it," said Forschner.

While several others said it would be convenient to purchase a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer from Tilly and Salvy's, not everyone stood in support of the article.

Owner of , Peter Trulo, said that the article only benefits the one proponent. He warned that approval might set a dangerous precedent that would allow even chain convenience stores to make the request.

Trulo, who is not a Natick resident, also said that stores that do not solely sell alcohol have higher instances of alcohol violations such as selling it at times that the law does not allow or allowing employees under the age of 18 to make sales.

If at some point, Tilly & Salvy's is no longer in operation, the license would be transferable to the business in its place, if the transfer is approved by the Board of Selectmen.

Although Town Meeting passed the article, the issue will face a public hearing at a later date and the will set the specific rules and regulations to be put in place.


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