Where Do I Vote in Natick?

Make sure you're heading to the right town building on Tuesday.

Natick has six polling locations. To find out which one you should be going to on Election Day, see below. Unsure of which precinct you're in? You can enter your address into the Secretary of State's website to be matched with the appropriate precinct and polling location.

Precinct 1: Kennedy Middle School, 1 Philip J. Lucier Dr. @ 163 Mill St.

Precinct 2: Cole Recreational Building, 179 Boden Ln.

Precinct 3: Kennedy Middle School, 1 Philip J. Lucier Dr. @ 163 Mill St.

Precincts 4, 5: Wilson Middle School, 22 Rutledge Rd.

Precincts 6, 7: Lilja School, 41 Bacon St. @ Oak Street

Precints 8,9: Morse Institute Library, 14 East Central St.

Precinct 10: Memorial School, 107 Eliot St., South Natick


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