William Callahan Announces Run for Natick State Rep. Seat

Callahan officially retired from the military on June 30, 2012 and will now seek a seat in the State House.

Courtesy William Callahan

William J. Callahan proudly announces his intentions to run for the 5th Middlesex District State Representative seat.  Mr. Callahan a Republican, officially retired from the military on June 30, 2012.  Because Active Duty prevents an individual from publicly running for office until you are officially retired, Callahan will have to first mount a sticker campaign to secure the Republican nomination on September 6th.  There are no other Republican challengers.

Callahan said, "After careful consideration and encouragement from family, friends and community leaders, I have decided to answer the call of duty to represent the residents of Natick, Millis and Sherborn and run for State Representative.  Now more than ever, we are at a time where we need true and proven leadership on Beacon Hill and that is what I will bring.  I have always taken great pride in the core values of the Army, which are loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.  I look at the majority on Beacon Hill and so many members have lost sight of this vision."

We need a full time State Representative to solve our problems.  I will use my experience to bring leadership, accountability, fiscal responsibility and to promote more local aid to our cities and towns.  I intend to take my case to the people and over the next months leading up to the primary and then the general election, knock on the doors of every resident in this district to hear their concerns and thoughts in moving our vision forward.  During my career in the military I have answered the call for my country, the commonwealth and now I look forward to the privilege of serving the people of the 5th Middlesex District," concluded Callahan.

William Callahan is a long-time resident of Natick who recently retired from thirty years of service in the military, twenty four of them on active duty. During his career, he has had the honor of leading some of the finest soldiers in the Army as both a Battalion and Brigade Commander in two deployments to Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom, for which he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal twice. He also promoted government integrity as the United States Property and Fiscal Officer for Massachusetts, a post which made him responsible for overseeing every penny of National Guard funding in Massachusetts.  He is running for State Representative to represent the 5th Middlesex District consisting of the towns of Natick, Millis and Sherborn.

wendy pc July 04, 2012 at 12:19 PM
Indeed Mr. Linsky does an excellent job. He is extremely committed to serving this district. He has always been very responsive to concerns from the community and serves us well.
Richard perry July 04, 2012 at 04:46 PM
How can I help you get on the ballot, colonel? We need more representation on beacon Hill. You have no doubt served your country well these past 30 years and Now we need you in state government. R perry
Bob Canning July 05, 2012 at 03:42 AM
I fully supporting you Col. Callahan, we need common sense representation, not the endless, nanny-stater rep as we have in Mr. Linsky. Do we honestly need a law saying your headlights MUST be on when you are using your windshield wipers? Do we need more gun laws requiring endless paperwork, filing microstamping data when it's been PROVEN that it does not work?
Suzanne August 26, 2012 at 12:26 PM
He's using a "sticker campaign." On September 6th, it's up to us to vote for his nomination for the State House of Rep's for District 5. You will be handed a sticker by a Callahan volunteer and place it on the ballot. Don't for get to vote on Thursday, 9/6/12!! - Sue Ianni
jeru September 07, 2012 at 10:17 PM
Come on we need a different voice---there are enough lemmings in the State House already. We need some one that will have the courage to ask questions and not go along to get along.


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