Tears at Charter School Lottery; Applications Up 20 Percent

The Christa McAuliffe Regional Public Charter School held its annual lottery for admission Thursday night.

Tears were flowing at the Thursday night's Christa McAuliffe Regional Public Charter School annual lottery. Some were tears of joy and some tears of dispair as they learned the fate of their child's application.

Gustavo Andrade, who was accepted as student #122, can't wait to go to McAuliffe. "I'm very happy," he said with a big smile.

He was helping his mom fill out the application forms immediately after the lottery.

The current fifth grader at Wilson Elementary in Framingham, had to translate for his mom, who only spoke Portuguese.

"I heard McAuliffe is the #1 middle school in Framingham. I wanted by son to get the best education," she told Framingham Patch via translation from her son. She said she hopes her two younger daughters can attend the school too, when they are older.

Earlier this year, McAuliffe was ranked the only level 1 middle school in Framingham.

More than a dozen parents were visibly upset after the lottery, upon learning their child was in the middle or at the end of a long wait list. A couple of fifth graders were crying too, upon hearing they were not one of the 132 students immediately accepted.

Applications to the Framingham-based middle school were up 20 percent over last year, said Director Kristin Harrison.

This year, 261 applicants were submitted for admission for grade 6. The majority of applicants live in the school’s regional district comprised of the following towns: Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton, Marlborough, Natick, Southborough, and Sudbury, although there were applicants from Upton, Medfield and Bellingham.

The charter school is accepting 132 students into grade 6 - six classes of 22 students.

On Thursday night, each of the 261 students' names (and or application numbers) were placed in a bucket and pulled one by one, read aloud and placed on a board.

(Parents, this year had the option of not having their child's name read but instead having their application number read. About one in every four pplicants opted for the number.)

Framingham Downtown Renaissance Director Holli Andrews pulled the names.

The first 21 names read were all siblings of current students at the Charter School, located on Clinton Street.Under state law, they are allowed to be guaranteed acceptance.

The first non-sibling name read was applicant #145 - Olivia McClary.

Student #132 was Jack Synder.

The first 132 names read were placed on the acceptance list. Those families have until March 1 to decide if their child will attend McAuliffe Charter School in the fall. If a family opts not to send their child, students move off a wait list.

Wait list names were pulled one by one and placed on a different board Thursday night. There are more than 120 students on the wait list.


Editor's Note: My daughter is a current sixth grader at the school.

Michael Barrett February 09, 2013 at 03:44 PM
Susan, that was in the days where immigrants assimilated into society, many do not now. Drive through Framingham and you'll see 6 or 8 satellite dishes on small apartment buildings or 2 or 3 on two family houses. They are there so the residents can watch tv programs in their native and only language. Stop by a house where they are roofing landscaping and you'll often meet people who cannot even say 5 words in English. Then you have some who are illegally here only to make money then return home. They'll come here, have kids, family, etc. work hard and save everything they can. Then 10 years later they return to their native country and take all their money with them and live very well, never to return here. In towns like Milford, Framingham, etc. the newer ways of immigrants, they are very different than previous ones. Talk to people in the Framingham system. The put a huge financial burden on the system which take money away from other students, increases taxes so the entire town bogs down economically and their require far more time and resources than others. They are a big problem.
Michael Barrett February 09, 2013 at 03:52 PM
Gwen B - Yeah, in Washington DC former Mayor Fenty was doing a very good job cleaning up the city and fixing the schools. He put Rhee in there and she was really making strides. But she was not in the pocket of the teachers unions so they spent a ton of money and manpower to defeat Fenty and install their pet mayor in his place. The pet mayor promised the union to get rid of Rhee and put a union friendly school administrator in her place. Also the Washington DC schools were a test case for school vouchers. The congress put some funding in place so poor, mainly black, children could use the voucher money to attend some of the pretegious private schools in DC. Obama and the Democrats killed the funding in 2009 at the request of the teachers unions (national and local). So while Obama sends his kids to the Sidwell Friends elite private school, the kids in DC go to the hell holes of public schools. There were several kids who were at Sidwell because of the voucher program and I believe they had to leave because their poor parents couldn't afford it without the vouchers. The Democrats mainly are in the pocket of the teachers unions. They put their kids in private schools and let inner city kids get no education and have a terrible future. They would never dream of letting their kids go to those schools.
Michael Barrett February 09, 2013 at 04:01 PM
I'm aware the the policies of websites. The Patch is a an open forum which is nice as It allows for a vigorous conversation. Neighbor is just a wee bit too sensitive. And correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Patch's policy that you are suppose to use your name for your account? I don't care that they are not because I'm not overly sensitive. :-) Thanks for wishing me well. It's a little snow, nothing to overly hype unless you are a local tv station trying to fill 24 hrs of repetition. Too many whimps, it's not a cat 5 hurricane or tornado. It's a little snow that will be gone in a few weeks.
Susan Petroni February 09, 2013 at 04:53 PM
Since Framingham Patch launched on Dec. 1 2010 - Patch has updated its terms of use policy and NOW does not require individuals to use their real first and last names when posting. Here, on Framingham Patch, as many of you know, I encourage it.
Susan Petroni February 09, 2013 at 04:57 PM
Neighbor: You may be correct, but I only moderate the comment on this one, very active Patch site. I review comments before they are posted and I do reject some. Everyone gets a warning and I expect them to abide by the rules here on Framingham Patch. I have banned individuals; and I have no problem doing it again, if they don't listen and follow the rules on this site. I do not allow name calling to other individuals who comment here. You need to stick to the topic of the article/report. I will note your issue and let a regional/state editor know. Thanks for commenting.


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