Meet Tim Kelley, School Committee Candidate

Timothy Kelley is a candidate for the Natick School Committee.


Timothy Kelley is running for one of two seats available on the Natick School Committee, against Firkins Reed and incumbent David Margil. A Natick native, Kelley owns JFK Transportation, a family business.

What motivates you to want to serve on the Natick School Committee?

I have had a 30-year relationship with the Town of Natick and very feel comfortable working with this town department. I think I can bring good, simple ideas to the committee and help make it better. I have had an interest in this type of community service for some time now. I love Natick and want to help.

What experiences do you feel have best prepared you to be a member?

My 30-year relationship with the school department has to be by far the most experience of anyone running against me. I know how it works.

What are the most important issues to you regarding Natick's schools at this time?

Having worked with decades of special needs kids in Natick, this is by far my most important issue. The kids of Natick, they need services and should get them no matter what it costs.

What do you expect are the greatest challenges Natick's school system will face in the next few years?

The greatest challenge for the Natick Schools will be enrollment and how it will effect the class size. We are running out of space already at and . I sure hope the high school is going to big enough—then can we sustain the costs?

Who or what in your past most inspired your interest in education?

Well, not just in education, but how to care about kids and Natick kids especially, it would have to be my father—a small business owner who bent over backwards to make Natick a better place for his kids and all kids to grow up here. Secondly, my high school hockey coach. He has made the huge impact on me. I can't believe still to this day, situations will come up and it will be lessons I learned from him that help me make the right decision. Thank you Mr. Lac.


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