Red Hawk Logo Subject of Vote Today

Natick High students will choose today from two proposed designs for the Red Hawk logo.

The choices have been narrowed from six to two.

And by the end of today, there will be one.

students today will choose between two tentative designs for the Red Hawk logo. The mascot replaces the temporary "Red and Blue," name, which essentially was a bridge between the Redmen and now, the Red Hawks.

"The designer gave us six logos, and we decided to go from six to two," said Principal Rose Bertucci. "We'll choose the final one (today.)"

After much debate and some degree of controversy, the Red Hawks were chosen in early May as the "official" Natick High mascot. The Red Hawk will assume its position in Natick's history when the new high school opens in the fall.

Following complaints from the Native American community, Natick switched in 2009 from the traditional "Redmen" name to "Red and Blue." The latter mascot, however, never really stuck.

Natick High alum Diane Fassino, of Fassino Design, has created the designs for the new mascot. 

"We've told the students we want them to vote on the actual design of the bird, not necessarily the background," Bertucci said. "We can change the background pretty easily."

Eighth-graders will also have input in the voting process.

The design should be released to the public tomorrow, according to Bertucci.


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