How Are Natick’s Olympians Doing?

Molly Schaus leads a shutout win; John Carlson scores the first goal for the U.S. Men’s team.

Natick Olympians John Carlson and Molly Schaus.
Natick Olympians John Carlson and Molly Schaus.

A Natick native scored the first goal on Thursday’s Men’s Hockey win against Slovakia at the Sochi Winter Olympics, according to press reports, with Team USA taking the game, 7-1.

John Carlson, a defenseman for the Washington Capitals, scored the team’s first goal of the Olympics in the first period of the game.

Slovakia quickly tied up the game but about a minute later, Team USA took the lead and held it for the rest of the game.

The men play again on Feb. 15, vs. Russia, and Feb. 16, against Slovenia.

Women’s hockey 3-2 so far

Earlier this week, Team USA Women’s Hockey beat Finland and Switzerland but lost to Canada on Feb. 12.

Molly Schaus, another Natick native, made her Olympics debut deflecting 10 shots for the team’s second win, a shutout.

Schaus sat out Wednesday’s game, according to press reports, the loss to Canada.

The hit the ice again on Feb. 17, for semi-finals. 

To follow more information about the teams, visit the Team USA site


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